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Remapping Performance Remap

Our performance remaps are tailored for the die hard enthusiast who demands the most from their car, power gains of up to 35% are achieved by safely adjusting the parameters of your ECU with one our custom tuned files, the result is a car that accelerates better has improved throttle response, more power, more torque and flat spots ironed out leading to a more enjoyable drive. Please contact us for price and application.

Economy Remap

Its not surprising that many customers now choose the economy remap as the preferred choice for their vehicle. With sky high fuel prices an economy remap not only gives you some of the benefits of our performance remap but you can also achieve up to a 15% decrease in your cars fuel consumption thats a massive saving on running costs and will repay the cost of the remap within a short period of time. Please contact us for price and application.

Hybrid Remap

Still can't decide between the performance or economy remap? Why not try our hybrid remap? An in-between of the two with slightly less power than the performance remap and a healthy improvement in fuel consumption. Giving you the best of both worlds. Please contact us for price and application.