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MOT Testing

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MOT Test With A Free Re-Test

When it comes to your MOT, you need a test centre you can trust. MB MOTORS are DVSA regulated approved test centre with years of experience and a highly skilled team of honest, reliable testers.

What’s involved in an MOT Test?

An MOT is a mandatory vehicle inspection to determine whether or not your vehicle meets certain safety and environmental standards in order for it to be considered roadworthy. It is mandatory for all vehicles over 3 years old and takes place annually.

The MOT certificate confirms at the time of testing your vehicle was deemed roadworthy; however this does not guarantee that your vehicle will remain roadworthy until the certificate expires. Therefore we encourage all vehicle owners to perform regular vehicle checks to ensure your safety and that of other road users.

How long does an MOT take?

Usually, it takes between forty minutes to an hour to complete. Your MOT can be completed while or we can give you a call when it’s ready to be collected.

What if my vehicle fails? Can you repair it?

As well as being a DVSA regulated MOT test centre we are also a dedicated vehicle repair shop, so if your vehicle fails any element of its MOT, we can carry out all necessary repair work onsite.