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  • Servicing to dealer specifications with any service light reset, service book stamped or eletronic service record updated. 
  • MOT’s class 4 and 7 No retest fee, Free collection and return service so no worring about how to get your car too and from the garage. Not sure when your MOT is due  click here to check  
  • Repairs-please contact for a price. All work comes with 12 months 12,000 miles guarantee.
  • Diagnostics to dealer level with our latest equipment we can diagnose any fault on any car please call for quote.
  • Welding-please contact for price.
  • Air conditioning
  • Tyres fully fitted Roadstone Dealer 
  • Wheel alignment/tracking 
  • Auto electrics please call for quote
  • Tow bars fully fitted with electrics 
  • Diesel Decarbonizing Service- TerraClean
  • Petrol Decarbonizing Service- TerraClean
  • EGR System Cleaning & Unblock Service
  • DPF Cleaning & Unblock Service 
  • Autowatch Ghost Non Detectble Immobilisers
  • How DPF Cleaning Works

    One of the most popular is our DPF clean. DPF cleaning can help to tackle a problem faced by increasing numbers of drivers of modern diesel vehicles, whereby the unit becomes clogged with soot or ash often as a result of another component not functioning as it should.

    What Is A DPF?

    A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a device which sits within a vehicle’s exhaust system and is designed to “capture” soot/diesel particles to reduce harmful emissions into our towns and cities.

    It became legal for vehicle manufacturers to fit DPFs to all vehicles when “Euro 5” emissions standards came into force in 2009, although some VMs did fit them prior to 2009.

    DPFs are intended to self-clean, through a process called “regeneration”. This happens under certain diving conditions and the particles are emitted, leaving only a small ash residue. Sensors in the DPF unit communicate with the vehicle’s central computer (ECU) to determine when to clean/regenerate the DPF.

    So Why Do DPF Problems Occur?

    For a wide variety of reasons, DPFs do not always regenerate when they should, usually due to driving style or conditions, or for technical reasons, such as a problem elsewhere in the engine.

    As the DPF fills up and becomes more blocked, a warning light is shown on the dashboard.

    If the problem is not addressed, the vehicle’s performance will deplete, the vehicle may go into “limp mode” and become unusable until the issue is resolved.

    How Can We Can Help Unblock A DPF?

    A standard diesel TerraClean service will help to remove particles from your DPF as part of a preventative maintenance programme.

    But when the device is too blocked to allow air to flow through, a different approach is required.

    There is a specific tool for DPF cleaning to remove the accumulated particles, and this service is available from us.

    Our Technicans who carry our DPF cleans have regular training specifically related to DPF technology, to ensure they are highly competent in diagnosing problems and identifying the correct resolutions.

    Should I Remove My DPF?

    No. There are companies who will offer to remove the DPF, but it is illegal to remove it and use the vehicle on a public highway: the fines are high and subsequent replacement is expensive.  New MOT rules  have aimed to tackle DPF removal.

    Fitting a new DPF is expensive, while cheaper aftermarket units are sub-standard and will develop blockages earlier than the vehicle manufacturer’s specification, so keeping the one you have healthy and clean is important.

    Induction Cleaning

    We can offer a Induction Clean to help reach the parts of an engine that other carbon cleaning services simply cannot reach.

    What Is An Induction Clean?

    Direct injection engines are particularly susceptible to carbon build-up on the backs of the intake valves.

    More vehicles than ever have direct injection engines, so there is a greater need to service the intake valves separately.

    How Does A Induction Clean Work?

    The Pressurised Induction Tool provides an effective induction service on direct or conventional fuel injected engines.

    After filling the tool’s cylinder with a specially-created Intake Valve and Deposit Cleaner, it is pressurised.

    The equipment’s S-Tool attachment is placed directly inside the intake and a fine spray of cleaner is introduced into the system.

    The intake valve deposit cleaner is sprayed onto the valves, ensuring that they are cleaned of the hard carbon deposits that affect combustion.

    Alternatively, using a vacuum line attachment, the tool can be connected through a vacuum line, allowing for a faster introduction of the chemical into the air intake.

    This is an increasingly popular additional service for many owners of petrol-engined vehicles who want to clean an otherwise inaccessible area of the fuel system.

    TerraClean How It Works

    What Is A TerraClean Fuel System Clean?

    TerraClean revolutionised engine carbon cleaning in the UK, but the process is not fully understood by many people.

    The marketplace can be a confusing one: lots of products based on old technology are still available, such as ‘pour-in’ solutions. These are cheap and readily-available but fail to provide cleaning in the important post-combustion parts of the vehicle’s fuel and exhaust system.

    What follows is a simplified explanation of what TerraClean does, how it works and what it can achieve for your vehicle.

    If you would prefer a more in-depth explanation, you can find one here, on the  Science Behind TerraClean page .

    Why Do Engines Need To Be Carbon Cleaned?

    Petrol engines build up unwanted deposits in key areas over time. This consists of a mix of carbon build-up in some places, and sticky substances called tars, gums and varnishes in other areas.

    These substances have a negative effect on your engine’s efficiency, reducing MPG and power, and increasing emissions.

    TerraClean can remove most of these deposits, leaving your vehicles running closer to its optimum level once more.

    What About Diesel Engines?

    The patented TerraClean technology used for diesel engines is slightly different, but the principles are the same.

    Your engine will be run on our unique fuel to clean both pre and post-combustion, providing all the same benefits.

    The TerraClean system will also clean through both Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems and Diesel Particle Filters (DPFs), where fitted, providing there is adequate air flow.

    Where there is severely restricted flow there are very specific  EGR cleaning and DPF cleaning services  available within the TerraClean family of solutions to address those problems.

    The TerraClean End Result.

    The end result of a TerraClean is that the vital parts of your vehicle’s fuel system will be cleaner: the combustion chambers, exhaust, cats and lambda sensors.

    Your engine will be more efficient, have better throttle response, run more smoothly and quietly and have improved emissions and mpg.

    You can read more about the specific benefits of TerraClean via the following links:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Better performance
  • Reduced emissions
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Want a more in-depth explanation behind our patented carbon cleaning technology?  Discover the science of TerraClean .

    Note that results vary according to your vehicle’s age, mileage, make and model.

    Autowatch Ghost-II CANbus Immobiliser 

  • The Ghost is the original aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser. Protect your car from theft like nothing else on the market today.

    Click here for to check compatibility 

    The Ghost protects your car from key-cloning, hacking, and even key theft.  The Ghost has no key-fobs or LED indications to give away its location. The Ghost uses the buttons in your vehicle such as those on the steering wheel, door panels or centre console, to allow you to make a unique, changeable, disarm sequence (like a PIN code) that must first be entered before you can drive your car. Just like your credit card but you can make your car disarm sequence even safer by making it up to 20 presses long!

    In order to make extreme security also be hassle free, we have created a smart-phone application that connects to your car and allows you to get in and drive without having to enter the disarm sequence. This Ghost-II allows 2 phones to be connected. All you have to do is pair your phone with your Ghost-II, leave the Autowatch Ghost-II application running in the background with Bluetooth enabled and you can drive conveniently and securely. However, remember that if you phone is in range (5m to 10m) and the application is running the Ghost-II will be disarmed.

    Search the Play Store for Autowatch Ghost-II or click  here


  • Immobilisation by communicating with the ECU
  • Disarm sequence via buttons on steering wheel / dash
  • No transmitted radio frequency signals
  • Uses the on-board CAN data network
  • User changeable disarm sequence
  • Service / Valet mode means the disarm sequence is never compromised
  • Secure, unique emergency code should the disarm sequence be forgotten
  • Mobile application can connect to 2 phones to allow quick disarm
  • Protection from Key Cloning and Key Theft.

All these services are offered at our garage in Rugeley. Any questions please do not hesistate to contact us on 01889 882488  


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