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DPF Cleaning

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DPF Cleaning Service in Rugeley And Stafford

What Is A DPF?

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a unit which is within a vehicle’s exhaust system and is designed to trap soot/diesel particles to reduce harmful exhaust emissions. Fitted to all diesel vehicles sold since 2009 it allows them to pass emissions legislations. 

How does a DPF work?

A DPF works by trapping soot as it passes through the exhaust system to stop it from being released into the atmosphere. The Diesel particulate filter needs to be cleaned regularly, this is achieved by a process called regeneration. There are three ways regeneration can take place, passive, active and forced regeneration. 

What is DPF Regeneration?

DPF regeneration is a cleaning state for the diesel particulate filter there are three types of regenerations that can take place.

Passive regeneration takes place automatically when the exhaust reaches a high enough temperature.

An active regeneration takes place when soot levels in your DPF reach about 45%.

Forced regeneration is achieved using a specialist diagnostic tool. A forced regeneration can take up to an hour to complete.

Why Do DPF Problems happen?

For a variety of reasons, DPF’s do not always regenerate when they should, it can be due to driving style or conditions, technical reasons, such as a problem elsewhere in the engine.

If the problem is not addressed, the vehicle’s performance will effected, the vehicle may go into “limp mode” but don’t worry we can help. Any garage attempting to repair any DPF faults should always start with an engine diagnostic.

What can I do to stop my DPF from blocking?

There are three things you can do to help prevent any issues with your DPF.

The first is making sure the car is well maintained and the correct specification of oil is used when servicing.

Second is to make sure you get any warning lights like engine management lights checked out as soon as possible as these could prevent an active regeneration taking place.

Third is to try and assist your DPF by taking occasional motorway journeys to get your exhaust up to the required temperatures so the vehicle can carry out a passive regeneration.

Do I need to replace the DPF if it fails?

Despite what dealerships or other garages will tell you, you do not need to replace your DPF if it fails. There are multiple and far cheaper solutions available to you no matter how blocked your DPF is.

How much does it cost to replace a DPF?

To replace a diesel particulate filter before attempting to clean it can cost in excess of £1500.

How do we Unblock A DPF?

There is a specific tool for DPF cleaning which is to remove the accumulated particles, and this service can be carried out at our site in Rugeley or Stafford.  

Can’t I just remove the DPF? (DPF Delete)

Removing your DPF may seem like a good option. Apart from being bad for the environment it is now also illegal and part of your MOT test.

As of February 2014, MOT testers must now check for the presence of a DPF filter and check for any evidence that it has been tampered with.

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